Kristull Caspian Ranch
Kristull Xxss Kaaza'am
Henden Hannibal (imp Eng) X Good Golly Miss Molly (Welsh)
May 29, 1998

Kaza'am was our first half Caspian colt. At three yeas old, he is just now old enough to train and has been ridden and is trained to pull a cart. He is a natural at it. He is also one of the kindest geldings around. He is unfazed by noise or chaos. He is careful and considerate. We have a video available of his personality and training.

Want to see some more of Kaza'am? His sire is Henden Hannibal

Henden Hannibal

and here is his dam, Good Golly Miss Molly:

This is one of the most promising youngsters available. He is already gelded and has more than $1,000 of training into him -- 90 days of ground manners, riding at walk and trot and going over low jumps, and is now training on cart pulling. He is a show stopper where ever he goes.

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We love company and always welcome guests. We have other Caspians and half Caspians available as well, and I'll bet that we can find the perfect Caspian for you.