Kristull Caspian Ranch

Kristull Quetzel
Darkhorse Siydeh (imp Eng) X Kristull Qapri
March 31, 2001

Quetzel is named after the Mexican God of Rain. She is an elegant, upstanding filly with a world of class. Although her father is bay, she is a lovely chestnut like her mother, Kristull Qapri (Runnymede Karamat X Tandara Hamara Qamri). She is available as a foundation mare.

Want to know more about Quetzel? Her sire is Darkhorse Siydeh imported from England.

and her dam is the gorgeous chestnut daugher of Tandara Hamara Qamri, imported from Western Australia.

This filly is going to make somebody a wonderful performance horse that will retire to a great broodmare.

She is structurally flawless and temperamentally sweet and willing. You cannot go wrong with this one.

Kristull Quetzel

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