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and many of them are sired by
Darkhorse Siydeh
Costessa Siyroun X Hopstone Khandeh
March 6, 1993

Stud Fee $500

Costessa Siyroun
Siyah Gosh*Foundation
Darkhorse Siydeh (English Import)
Daria Nour*Foundation
Hopstone Khandeh

Siydeh (pronounced Sa-DAY) was brought to America in 1995 as part of the first importations of Caspian Horses since the 1960's. His pedigree is very old, going back to the foundation animals twice in the second generation and three of the other four in the third. Pourandokht is a daughter of foundation parents as well. He is VERY well bred.

Siydeh is also one of the biggest hams around. When we got him as a three year old, freshly imported from England, we had only three weeks to work with him before leaving for the first Equitana in 1996. In that short time, he learned something like 23 tricks to do for the public.

He can lay down, sit up, smile, answer yes or no, stand on a pedistal, shake hands, count his age, retrieve a dumbbell or your cap or his lead rope or halter all by name. He can pull a cart or be ridden by a four year old child and leap a three foot jump when it would be easier to go under instead. He can rear, give kisses and wave to the crowd. His drunken horse act always gets a laugh.

By the way, this is one of the hardest tricks in the books. Both of these horses are stallions: Hasan, a ten year old Arab laying down and Siydeh at three years old, happily waving to the crowd.

Siydeh has had the opportunity to be shown to the public on occasion. There are still very few shows for these little guys, but when he goes out to strut his stuff, the crowds thoroughly enjoy him.

Check out some of Siydeh's Caspian offspring:
Kristull Jewel of the Steppes
Kristull Jewel of Iran,
Kristull Qetzel, and
Kristull Khestrel

And the Part Breds:
Kristull Xxss Miz. Ma'am,
Kristull Xxss Ali Shaza'am,
Kristull IsaBeauty,
You will not be disappointed in a foal by him!

Here are a bunch of different shots to show his personality and all sides of his character. He is a joy to live with and a true pleasure to have around:

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